Virage ‘fuel tank’ in action during Lonville Classic

Posted: 24 September 2015 by: Lonville

It is just one of those things…we were debating do try a kind of bronze colored dial for the ‘fuel tank’ version of Virage. And to contrast it we created a dark grey outer ring (under the 5 mins markers) and then went for the less obvious brown strap…and bang:  this turned out to be a gorgeous looking watch!  It’s thoroughly modern fresh classic, but with a wink to a forgone era. It just works.  Unfortunately this one is soon of to its future owner in Australia!  Luckily we will build 18 units in total, so still a few left…

The ‘fuel tank’ can be seen at 9 o’clock, it is a small hand that shows how far the 80hrs fuel tank watch is wound. It is an immensely satisfying feeling to wind your watch and see the fuel reserve meter gradually climbing.

Small insight: All our manual Virage’s feature power reserve, while the micro-rotor automatic versions don’t. I mean, who needs a power reserve on an automatic?