2015 Lonville Classic raving success

Posted: 25 September 2015 by: Lonville

The 2015 Lonviile Classic once again brought old and new friends together for a magical week-end where we enjoy our beloved classic cars in gorgeous surroundings. Piemonte, Italy was the backdrop of this year’s event. Single track roads through vineyards, wine tasting under the sun and a culinair feast at michelin star restaurants made for an amazing few days. A complete report in pictures follows on https://www.flickr.com/photos/lonville/albums

Poster Lonville Classic 2015

The below email from one of the participants sums it up nicely:

We would like to thank you, your wife and the whole Lonville crew very, very much,  for the fantastic organisation of the 2015 Lonville Rally. It was a great event, organised to perfection..!!!

Piemonte was a wonderful choice, glorious, quiet roads where our ferrari felt immediately at home, as did her crew….her rear tyres did less so….

Your choice of restaurants was second to none and we are still undecided if our vote goes to ‘La Ciau del Tornavento’ or the ‘Relais San Maurizio’….. both unique places in a unique environment..!!

Equally impressive was our visit to the vineyards of the Cordero de Montezemolo family. From now on, that name is in our minds no longer linked to Ferrari but to the very hospitable owners of this great place.  The news that you will organize a rally again in 2016 was the icing on the cake. Can you put us already down for an entry ticket..??!!

In the meantime, we repeat our thanks and say,

A bientôt.

Below a first few more pictures of the event – courtesy of www.lonville.com

see you next year!