Lonville, a hidden gem

Posted: 9 July 2016 by: Lonville

Watch Paper’s Adam Sofineti spend some time with Lonville and came away with his finding that Lonville is a hidden gem!

We love the ‘gem’ part, and we don’t mind to be a little bit less hidden as time goes by…but not too much either, so we keep things special for Lonville owners!

You can read Adam’s review by clicking here.

Watch Paper’s conclusion sums up our story very well (although we have tried to fix our website..):

“These days, we see these brands popping up that start out by hiring a PR company before even drawing their first sketch. Lonville might not have the sexiest website or the sharpest pictures, but what you see right now is the result eight years of work developing not one, but six models, from two collections, powered by three movements. They approached watchmaking in a rather innocent way, and their passion and love for watches helped them surpassed the challenges that would have discouraged many. I have a soft spot in my heart for watches that are made this way and I’m a firm believer that a watch, beyond its technical and aesthetic attributes, it has to come with a great story. With Lonville, you get everything covered, COSC certified high-end movements, great designs in limited edition, and a fantastic story that you might end up having it delivered by Joost himself.

Keep an eye on Lonville”