UK launch party at Mark’s Club in Mayfair

Posted: 10 March 2017 by: Lonville

Mark’s Club in mayfair provided the perfect backdrop for nearly 60 watch enthusiasts, journalists, an occasional petrol head and car designer to witness the official launch of Lonville in the UK.

Exceptional finish levels, blue details and micro-rotor were applauded.

The Lonville team moved the entire collection to the UK for the event. This included all four models of the white gold micro-rotor and manual Virage, as well as the 24 hours of Le Mans winning watch, the G24.

Joost Vreeswijk took the guest through ‘a brief history’ of the re-start of this historic watch brand, or rather eight years of adventures, persistence and, above all, passion to create a beautiful watch that was first sketched on a Swiss train in 2007.

Three times Lonville on the wrist.  Joost, flanked by well known watch authorities, looks excited!  Far right Virage ‘fuel tank’, G24 Superleggera in the middle and Virage ‘kind of blue’ micro-rotor on the left.

Joost commented “it is simply electrifying to get such and fantastic and supportive feedback to the result of our eight year adventure. Watch enthusiasts truly appreciate our small series of just 18 watches, the all swiss manufacturing philosophy and level of finish of the watch and especially the movement”.

A collector that attended the launch added to that “you see, if you then top that up with a watch that is made to order with the owners name and watch number engraved under the sapphire case back…it becomes a beautiful and very personal ownership experience, where you even get to know the people behind it all – that is quite rare these days”.

Lonville’s Matt Faoro (left) with Rebecca Lardner (Painter/sculpturer), Octane car magazine’s Robert Coucher and Bo Egberg…. all have one thing in common: Lonville Watches!

Manual wound Virage ‘fuel tank’ in a series of just 18 pieces in white gold was one of the clear favourites of the evening.

To mark the occasion of the UK launch, Joost also announced that the seventh Lonville Classic car rally will this year also move to the UK, and will run in the Scottish Highlands.

Rallyposter classic 2017

In true Lonville style this event will be limited to 16 cars only.  This is to preserve that intimacy of a group of friends away on a glorious week-end where we enjoy our (other) shared passion for classic cars. The rally was promptly subscribed by the first 8 cars (details and registration on so please let us know if you want to join us.

A final note to thank Mark’s Club for their impeccable support and, as always, the most wonderful ambiance.

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