G24 on epic road trip – video

Posted: 23 August 2019 by: Lonville

This summer we took G24 (number 18/24) onto a road trip in a classic Jaguar. The G24 timed us from the sizzeling hot lake of Lugano, passing lake Como, via Chiavenna, across the cool alps, up the maloya pass all the way to chique St Moritz.

It took 2 espresso’s, 1 litre of water, a tank of fuel, race gloves, a pair of shades and three straight hours to reach our destination. Oh, and an emergency stop on the pass to check if the fuel tank was not moving around in the car (turned out to just be a loose spare wheel!).

These are the moments we cherish. You double de-clutch, shift back in second gear and turn into the old italian village, in a flash you are out again, floor the accelerator, shift up to third gear, exchaust note bouncing of the mountain walls, the wind in your hair picks up again. And right there, right in that moment, you are Sterling Moss, you are driving the mille miglia in the 50s, your forget everything else, except that feeling of being on top of the world. You are in a Loville moment.

Wat is your Loville moment?