For 11th Lonville Classic in 2025, we are back in Tuscany. This is one of Europe’s most beautiful regions and the perfect backdrop for a classic car event.  The 2025 edition is of course all about “La Dolce Vita”.

Participants will experience some of Tuscany’s iconic scenery, winding country roads and exceptional food and wine. We will introduce you to local wine makers, Michelin stared chefs, as well as those impossible to find ‘home made’ restaurants.

Lonville off-sets the carbon emissions of the event by investing in United Nations approved Sustainability Goal (SDG) projects – we believe this makes for a more responsible way to enjoy our shared passion and protect automotive heritage.

Most importantly, the Lonville Classic is all about a glorious time away with a group of old and new friends.

Ladies & Gentlemen, start your engines.

About the Lonville Classic 2025

Each day will feature multiple rally stages interrupted by lunch and (wine tasting) visits in unique locations.

Navigation & distances.

Participants are guided by a road book across different stages of the rally. The majority of stages feature a regulatory component with time checks along the road. The road book navigation is largely based on ball-and-arrow (tulip) instructions. This well-known method requires no specific previous rally experience — and will be explained in more detail during the driver briefing. The Lonville Classic is a regularity rally on public roads.

Distances covered are typically 150-200 km per day depending on the type of stage.  We will return to the hotel around 4-5pm each afternoon to allow time to relax and recover prior to cocktails and dinner.

Special trials.

We take pride in finding unique roads, small country side passages and wonderful scenery. Some of the stages also feature ‘special’ trials and in the past this has ranged from wine tasting to painting your car on a canvas right inside the glorious landscapes that we visit.


La dolce vita.

We take time for the good things in life so this means relaxed coffee stops and glorious lunches. Tuscany is world famous for its wine and food. Throughout the rally participants will experience the region’s specialties – this will range from Michel star restaurants to impossible to find ‘home cooked’ treasures. All breakfast, lunches, coffee stops and dinners are included.


Two different hotels will be used throughout the rally, one for three nights and one for two nights.  Participants will use the rally navigation to switch hotels and luggage will of course be moved for you. We use 5 stars hotels only.

The 2025 rally is limited to 24 cars, this ensures the feeling of a ‘a group of friends’ is maintained, plus it means we can still find smaller and special places for our various stops.

Dress to match your car

We encourage period dressing throughout the rally (i.e. dress to match the era your car was produced in). One one of the rally days your period dress is actually part of the competition and that has given us both beautiful and hilarious times in the past! Take a look at the pictures of past editions and you see what we mean.

To get a feeling, take a look at the pictures of the 2022 rally in Tuscany and the video and pictures of the 2023 rally around Como and Lugano.

Registration & Cost

All cars older than 25 years are eligible and previous participants get priority registration. The rally is limited to approx. 24 cars.

For questions please contact us on

A first payment of EUR 1000 is required as part of the registration process – this secures your entry. Please follow the instructions by clicking the register button, or click here.

Participation cost for five hotel nights, exceptional dinners, lunches, wine tasting, technical assistance, roadbook, shields and all other event services is approximately EUR 7500 per car with two participants based on double occupancy.

Cost is indicative in this stage, and will be final by march 2024. Room upgrade options will be made available at a later stage.


Program outline

Carbon footprint offset

Lonville offsets the carbon emissions of the entire rally. By working with tools of the non-profit organization in Switzerland the carbon emissions of the event have been estimated, at approx. 30 – 40 tonnes of CO2.

Subsequently Lonville will invest in the equivalent carbon offset projects that contribute to the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs).

We believe classic cars are a fundamental part of our heritage and should be enjoyed and seen by as many people as possible, especially future generations.  We can’t make our beautiful cars emission free, but this investment allows us to share this passion in a more responsible way.

Included in the carbon calculations is the distance covered by all participants and crew cars. As well as the carbon effects of hotel stays, dinners, lunches, drinking water, a ‘modest’ quantity of wine, roadbook paper and printing, energy usage and waste created.

With this we also want to send a constructive message to our fellow event organisers and classic car enthusiasts that a carbon offset philosophy should become part of how we do things.

The Lonville classic was born in 2009 from our passion for classic cars as well as the pleasure to show new and old friends the remarkable places (including food and wine) that we have the pleasure to call ‘our back yard’.

Each year is different but the most important ingredient is a diverse and fun group of participants that share their passion of classic cars in some of Europe’s most beautiful scenery. And yes, we do like our watches too!

We are looking forward to seeing you in September in Tuscany.

Joost, Matt and the Lonville Crew.

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Small Print

Entering the event means you agree with the following

Application & Confirmation

With approx. 24 places available we urge you to book your participation early. Confirmation of acceptance will be issued by the organisers in written from, latest 2 weeks after application.

Responsibilities & Disputes

By participating the participants exonerate the organisers of the Lonville Classic from all responsibility for any damage incurred, either directly or indirectly, before, during or after the Lonville Classic. Any disputes will be resolved according to Swiss law.

Cancellation policy

To ensure we have access to all the right places the Lonville team needs to enter into upfront commitments with hotels as well as some of the great restaurants we will take you to. Due to the deliberately small group, we need to apply a cancellation policy that gets stricter as we get closer to the actual rally dates.

  • Free cancellation up December 2024, excluding deposit
  • Cancellation up to May 2025 – 50% refund
  • Cancellation up to 1st July – 20% refund
  • Cancellation from end of July – no refund