Lonville Classic 2011 poster

For nearly a decade now, Guy Allen has designed our Lonville Classic Rally posters.

So how did that come about? Joost had always liked Guy’s automotive art through his many contributions to classic car and motoring magazines. So when the first Lonville Classic rally was conceived more than 10 years ago now, Joost approached Guy to create a poster that combined his style with those gorgeous vintage travel posters.

The scenery of each poster is based on the landscape ‘backdrop’ of the rally in that specific year. The first poster of the 2009 rally shows the very characteristic ‘Bre’ mountain near the lake of Lugano with a Jaguar c-type roaring by its shores. Guy managed to capture exactly what was in our minds, and it turned out to be the first of a series.

What only the participants know is that the car of the winner of this year’s rally will be featured on the poster of next year. This is actually the real ‘prize’ for winning the rally — and that is not easy as we often changes the rules halfway in the rally! The additional cars are a mix of cars of long term participants or people that deserved a special recognition. Each participant in the rally gets a print of the poster signed by Guy Allen and numbered with their specific car rally number. So a particpant with rally shield number 8 would have poster with number 8/24.

Why are we selling posters? Over the years we have had various request from people who would like to buy a poster from us. We always declined as we felt this was for participants only. But what is the point to not share these nice posters with people that appreciate and like them? So we have decided to only make the few remaining (signed and numbered) posters available to purchase. Totally unique and sold on a first come first serve.

The posters are printed by Guy Allen on thick and very high quality paper.

The paper size is A3 while the picture size is 33x25cm in portrait mode. A very good size for framing.

We ship the posters unframed, rolled-up in a protective cover.

The 2011 poster was limited to 30 signed and numbered prints.

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